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Broadly I am interested in better understanding the chemical composition of the mantle and how it formed. To that end, I primarily study the peculiar complexity of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt (MORB) compositions. The contribution of several fundamental petrogenetic processes, including partial melting, melt/rock interactions and fractional crystallization, complicate the signal of the original mantle composition. Together with the study of abyssal peridotites, MORB can provide useful constraints on the large-scale compositional heterogeneities present in the upper mantle, the origin of these heterogeneities that are preserved in some basalts, and whether they are related to mantle or upper crustal processes. MORB and abyssal peridotites are also valuable tools to understand the formation (and the architecture) of the oceanic lithosphere at mid-ocean ridges, which are important as they focus the majority of the global heat flux of Earth.

I utilize several geochemical methodologies from SEM, TIMS, MC-ICP-MS, iCAP utilizing both laser ablation and solution sample introduction. I use elemental abundances and isotopic analyses (Pb, Nd, Sr, Hf, Os, noble gases) combined with petrological observations to learn about the mantle composition and how it has evolved through time.